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The Simply Music ®
Piano Method

You don't learn read before you learn to speak, so why would you when learning piano?

Instrument First, Notes Second

We help students become comfortable and familiar with the piano before adding the complexity of learning to read music. Why? Because figuring out where to place your hands, when to use the pedal, how to keep your fingers from getting tangled up on each other, and trying to remember the music is quite a lot for a new student! Why add learning a whole new language (written music) to that all at once when you just don't have to?

This revolutionary approach profoundly differs from the more common, traditional "reading-based" methods. With Simply Music Piano®, you will first learn how to play the piano. This means we will teach you how to decode the patterns, shapes, chords, and song structure in a piece before you ever look at a sheet of music. As you progress, we will introduce more challenging pieces that will teach you new skills in all piano styles- classical, blues, jazz, and more. The best part is all the skills you learn can be used with any piano piece, so you have the freedom to play what you want! Don't worry- we WILL teach you to read music. However, you will learn to play the piano as an instrument with the written music as your guide, rather than your cage.

Created by Neil Moore, Simply Music is the largest playing-based music education institution in the world with a network of Educators at around 600 locations across the globe. For more information visit: .

Piano Lesson
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