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Music Rhapsody®
Music and Movement Classes

Music and Movement, Orff and Recorder Classes for children  of all ages. 

All Music and Movement classes taught at Pine City Music follow the Music Rhapsody Program.  Classes are for children aged infant to grade school. Music Rhapsody believes that every child has inherent musical capabilities, and with the right avenues for expression, everyone can express themselves musically. Using the Orff Philosophy, Music Rhapsody uses singing, movement, handheld percussion, Orff instruments (drums and barred instruments), and recorders to let your student experience, acquire and express music. Pine City Music offers these same offerings as the parent company, as shown in the video. 

Classes Categories

  • Babies Make Music - Infants to Walking Children

  • Toddlers Make Music - Ages 1 and 2

  • Kids Make Music - Ages 2 and 3

  • Big Kids Make Music - Ages 3 and 4

  • Young Musicians - Ages 4 and 5

  • Rhythm Readers - Ages 5-7 (Students who have an intro to Orff Instruments and are now ready to add reading visuals to the music making.)

  • Melody Makers - Ages 6-8 (Students who have had an intro to Orff Instruments, Rhythm Reader Lessons and are ready to add Melodic Reading). 

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