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Melody Lakes Studio

Private and Group Simply Music Piano® Lessons

Ages 6-7 and up- It's never too late!
No more "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star."

Learn to play real music right away!

Play piano with both hands from your very first lessons with the revolutionary Simply Music Piano® method! We believe that piano lessons should be fun and we think you'll agree that Simply Music Piano® will get you started faster and easier than traditional lessons. We'll teach pop, blues, jazz, classical, accompaniments, arrangements, and ballads from your very first lessons.

We help you learn your way around the keyboard, all while introducing music theory. Then, we introduce reading music so you have a better understanding of what the notation means. It's like learning to read books, first you learn to speak, then you learn the grammar! Music is just another language.

Piano Class

Play a Story® Piano Lessons

Ages 4 and up- Great for young learners and great for those exploring how to do composition!

Have you been told your child is "too young" to learn to play the piano? Not anymore! Play a Story® is a revolutionary composition-focused program more appropriate for young learners. Young children often struggle with having the attention span and control to flourish in the structured environment of regular piano lessons.


Play a Story® allows young children to become familiar with the piano at an age-appropriate pace through learning composition and musicality. Older students can add elements of Play a Story® to their existing lesson plan to develop improvisation and composition skills.


Music Rhapsody Music and Movement Classes

Birth to Age 6!

Help your child get their groove early in life! We believe that early exposure to music sets the stage for enhanced child development and a fuller life. Our music and movement classes combine music, dance, and play for a fun time with friends!

Music Class

Private Band Instrument Lessons

Ages 8 and up!

Great for elementary, middle, and high school band students, 

homeschool students, adults, 

or adults hoping to catch back up from prior learning! 

Playing Saxophone

Homeschool Classes

Because General Music is the best foundation for individualized lessons later!

General music education is often overlooked for homeschool students because it is not available, and students are left to take instrument specific education.  While there is a worthwhile pursuit, it is best done in conjunction with the student receiving and learning fundamental musical concepts through a general music class. We are here to change that and let your child gain a foundational music education, that individualized lessons can build upon. We focus on singing and learning folk songs, playing games, playing non-pitched percussion, xylophones and metallophones, recorders, and in learning music reading, theory, and history.

50 minute, weekly classes available!

Male Teacher Playing Guitar

Summer Camps

5 Different-themed camps offered!

Come see us for summer fun! Week-long summer camps each with a new theme, and focus, see each week's individualized description.

Students come Monday-Friday,  9-4.

All camps include a specified music instruction goal,

outside play, games, crafts, and daily snack. 

(Students will bring their own lunch.)

Students will have a performance

for parents and families on Friday afternoon.  


Special Event Music

Flute and Piano Performance for

Weddings, Events, Recordings, and More!

Owner Shannon Wood has performed for various audiences

and in several groups for over 25 years,

including as a soloist and as a background instrumentalist on recording tracks.

Contact us today to discuss your performing needs!

Main performance instruments include: 

Flute, piccolo, pennywhistle, recorders, and fife.

Image by Ranurte

Call today!

Serving Pine City, Rush City, Harris, Braham, Cambridge, Hinckley, and Mora. 

We're happy to answer any questions you may have about our current classes and services.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Remember- your first consultation is FREE!

Come give us a try!

Music is what feellings sound like.  
-Georgia Cates

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